New Course Structure As Per Ncte Regulation 2014
As per NCTE Regulation 2014 the Two year B.Ed. programme comprises of three broad inter related curricular areas:
a. Perspectives in Education
b. Curriculum and Pedagogic Studies
c. Engagement with the field.
It also includes special course for Enhancing Professional Capacities (EPC) of student teachers. The courses under the above mentioned areas are distributed semester wise as follows:
Distribution of Courses:
Course Description Marks
01 Childhood and Growing Up 100
02 Contemporary India and Education 100
03 Language across the Curriculum(1/2) 50
04 Understanding Disciplines and Subjects(1/2) 50
EPC1 Reading and Reflecting on Texts(1/2) 50
03 Learning and Teaching 100
07a Pedagogy of a School Subject-Part 1 (1/2) 50
08a Knowledge and Curriculum-Part l (1/2) 50
09 Assessment for Learning 100
EPC2 Drama and Art in Education(1/2) 50
07b Pedagogy of a School Subject-Part ll (1/2)
06 Gender, School & Society(1/2) 50
08b Knowledge and Curriculum-Part l (1/2) 50
10 Creating an Inclusive School (1/2) 50
11 Optional Course (1/2) 50
EPC3 Critical Understanding of ICT(1/2) 50
EPC4 Understanding of Self (1/2) 50
Engagement with the Field: Task &Assignments for Courses 1,2,3,4,5,6,7a,8a,8b,09,10 & 11
Total Marks 1300
NOTE: indicates a half paper which is allocated both half the time of effective hours per week and also half the marks assigned to a full paper.
NOTE: Examinations of the above mentioned courses will be taken yearly as per the Ranchi University guidelines.