About Us
K.O. College, Gumla is an Old Premier Constitute Unit of Ranchi University. This is an ideal Co-educational institution.it is situated at Palkot Road in the lap of nature, away from the din and bustle of the district head quarter of Gumla.

it was established in 1960 under the leadership of Ratu Maharaja Shri Lal Chintamani Sharan Nath Shahdeo and the then S.D.O Shri Subhanker Jha, Late Sudheshwari Prasad, Advocate and a team of dedicated teachers and personalities of the town. Shri L.Narayan was its founder Principal. Now this is one of the biggest degree colleges of Ranchi University. It imparts teaching up to Honors standard in all popular subjects in three different faculties of Arts, Science & Commerce along with Honors.

In vocational Course in Computer Application. There has been all round development of the college during all these years with all facilities to the students for their all round development. The college has a good tradition in academic excellence. The College administration is committed to provide quality teaching and best discipline in the campus.
a. The college has a well stocked library with books on the subjects taught in the college. it contains at present over 15,000 volumes with fresh editions every year. About 50 magazines and journals are subscribed by the library.
b. After the completion of admission the students obtain library card is lost,the student has to obtain its duplicate on payment of Rs.10 only.
c. The student of Hons. Course have the privilege of getting three books and the students for genral pass Course two books issued to the them for the library, for a period of 7 days. If the books are retained for more than 15 days, an overdue charge of Rs. One per day per book will be charged.
d. Reference Books and Books of special kind are not issued to the student.
e. Newspaper and magazines are issued to the students on production on identity card(only to be used in reading room). Penalty for loss or damage wil be charged.
f. All books are to be returned to the library at the time of filling in the University Examination forms.Library cards are also to be surrendered at the time.
g. At the time of getting books from the library the student are to examine whether the books are damaged or mutilated and report if any.
h. BOOK BANK: it is proposed to re-introduce the Book Bank facility from the current academic session.
i. WORKING HOURS: From 10-30 a.m. to 4-00 p.m.
a. There are several Departmental Councils, Societies in the college which seek to promote corporate life among the students and provide them opportunities for growth and self expression. These councils and societies function under the supervision of the Heads of the Department Concerned.
b. Teaching departments have their own academic societies and seminars to foster the academic and cultural interest of students be organizing bebates, seminars, symposia, talk grou discussions etc.from time to time.
c. GAMES & SPORTS: The college provides facilities for playing Cricket, Badmintion, Football, Athletics, Carrom & Gymnastics for the upfitment of the student in everyfield.The students who want to take part in these games have to contact the physical training instructor(depending on the availability of funds).
d. NATION SERVICE SCHEME (N.S.S) AND N.C.C. The college has been implementing National Services Scheme (NSS) and N.C.C as in- force at the university or Ranchi.The students who wants to join this scheme should contact professor-in-charge.
e. STUDY TOUR: Study tour is organized from time to time , as per rules depending on the availability of funds from the University.
a. Financial Assistance in the form of Tuition Fee concession is given to poor meritorious student of college only after production of income certificate up to Rs.12100 annual.
b. Students belonging to Scheduled Tribes/Scheduled Casts award eligible for the award of post-matric scholarship/stipends of the state government.
c. The state Government grants tuition fee concession to students belonging to special categories Backward Class Annexure-1.
d. There is a provision for the award of merit cum poverty scholarship bstate Govt. or central Govt to students who have obtained a first division (60% or more) in their last examination.
There is provision of terminal examination for students under regulations of the University. They will be sent up for the university examination on the basis of their performances at terminal examination which is a means of internal assessment of students. as well as eligibility for university examination.
The University is planning to introduce an ambitious and effective Literacy and Continuing Education and Extension Programme with a view to involving college teachers and students in the process of national development, to achieve total literacy in the area and to expand knowledge, awareness and innovation of the skills of local population of the area in which the College is situated.